1975 IVM founded as Institute VerpackungsMarktforschung in Braunschweig which was a division of Schmalbach.
1978 Restructure and takeover of the division by Dr. Horst Antonischki.
1979 First edition of section 28 of the German drug law for the requirement of child resistant packaging came into force.
1989 ISO 8317 became applicable for re-closeable child resistant packaging.
1998 IVM was accredited as a certification body under DIN EN 45011.
1999 Directive 1999/45/EC (Dangerous Preparations Directive) came into force.
2003 Dr. Rolf Abelmann joined as a head of testing for IVM.
2005 Publication of "Kindergesicherte und seniorengerechte Verpackungen", written by D. Horst Antonischki was released.
2006 IVM became a GmbH (a limited company). Managing Directors were Dr. Horst Antonischki and Dr. Rolf Abelmann
2007 IVM changed location to Friedrich-Seele-Str. 20, 38122 Braunschweig, Germany
2010 Obtained accreditation for the testing and certification of lighters for child resistance (EN13869)
2011 Obtained accreditation for the testing and certification for senior-friendly packaging (CEN/TS 15945)
2015 IVM's accreditation as certification body corresponds to the ISO/IEC 17065 (2013)