Easy opening of consumer packaging

People living in industrialised nations are becoming older and older. At the same time, they stay active in old age. They master their daily lives, enjoy culture, sports, travel and many other activities. Nevertheless, with increasing age, comes deterioration of vision, skill and strength.

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Certified child-resistant packaging for pharmaceuticals

An estimated 500,000 accidental child poisonings occur in Europe every year. Affected are mostly small children up to three years old and the poisoning occurs mainly with pharmaceutical products. Childresistant packaging, representing …

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Making the case for accessibility

In the second part of our look into safe packaging. Dr Rolf Abelmann, managing director of ivm Childsafe outlines the role manufacturers must play in creating accessible packaging for the elderly …

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Keeping our children safe

An estimated 100,000 accidental child poisonings, primarily from pharmaceutical products, occur in Germany every year. And small children up to three years old are the most likely to be affected …