Child-Resistant Packaging - Testing and Certification

As a packaging and market research institute we have been working towards better standards of child-resistant packaging since 1975. During this time the scope of our client base has broadened and as a consequence so too has the scope of our testing and certification capabilities.

Today, ivm is one of the few institutes in Europe accredited according to ISO 17025 as a testing laboratory for child-resistant packaging. Furthermore we are the only accredited certification body for child-resistant packaging in Europe in accordance with ISO 17065. We are recognised for our high standards by both consumers and governing bodies from within the industry, as an institute that can issue certificates in conjunction to the testing conducted. We are also proud to be recognised by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a testing body for child-resistant packaging.

As a result of our successes with regards to testing and certification of child resistance we also undertake this activity for child resistant lighters. This is mandatory within the European Union as per Decision 2012/53/EU and also in the US as per US 16 CFR § 1210.


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