Frequently Asked Questions

What does "child resistant packaging" mean? Answer

Which products have to be sold in child resistant packaging? Answer

How is child resistance achieved? Answer

Which tricks are used? Answer

How difficult is it for adults to open such packages? Answer

Which standards and directives etc. apply? Answer

Are there any labelling requirements for child resistant packagings? Answer

How can consumers and manufacturers be sure that a packing is really child-resistant? Answer

What does the term "certified packaging" mean? Answer

Who is authorized to conduct testings? Answer

What does "accredited" mean in regard to the testing of child resistant packaging? Answer

Can you tell from the shape or the opening mechanism that a packaging is certified? Answer

Some packaging closures are marked "Safety Cap". Is that an indication that the package is child resistant or even certified? Answer

How can you ensure long-term child resistance of a certified packaging with regard to continuity in production? Answer

Why do blisters for pharmaceutical products always have to be opaque? Answer


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